Conveyor equipment


Our company produce non-standard conveyor equipment. Regardless of the difficulty of a task we are ready to automate your production and reduce the cost of unskilled human labor. Modern high-performance conveyor systems are a genuine contribution to the development of your business.

Today we develop, design and manufacture different types of conveyor equipment which can be used in food and processing industry.

We offer following types of conveyors

Belt conveyor

This type of conveyor able to move almost any bulk material and there is hardly any limitation on their use in food production. Main operating element is a flexible mesh belt passed through two or more drums. Moved by a revolving motor, these elements give an effect to the entire conveyor with products loaded onto the belt. The thickness of the belt depends on the material. Restrictions for the length of belt conveyors limited by the production features and it’s usually from 1 to 100 meters.

Modular conveyor

It’s a construction which consists of plastic modules. It allows you to construct conveyors of different sizes with complex structured turns, lifts and spiral sections.

Wire conveyor

Can operate in different temperature range. Usually used in bakery and confectionery industries and in the meat production. At high-temperature performance mode these conveyors don’t have competitors.

Spiral conveyor

This type of conveyor equipment assures a safe and reliable transition of a product. Transfer of the product along the spiral goes in a steady state. Product stays in an original shape and condition, as a result you get a premium quality product. This type of conveyor need less floor space than conventional conveyors. It’s ideal for those who want to place a large amount of product (eg. dumplings) taking up less space.

We offer various types of conveyors: straight, spiral, rotating, multi-tier and others. We can modify a particular model and provide it with additional functions or increase its performance.

How you can use it?

  • Fast packing and unpacking
  • Freeze semi-finished and other products
  • Transportation of goods
  • Rapid cooling

What are their advantages?

Failure-free operation, durability and reliability. We offer comprehensive solution – from project, to installation and commissioning and warranty/post-warranty service.

We offer only energy-efficient spiral conveyor systems, based on eco-friendly refrigerants CO2 and NH3.

If you want to install a conveyor system, send us your request or question to or call us (812) 346-56-66.