Mountable and dismountable warehouses

If you need to quickly organize storage area, mountable and dismountable warehouse structures are the best technical solution that will solve this problem. To mount such a warehouse, it usually takes 2 or 3 weeks. Process speed provides a significant advantage of mountable and dismountable warehouse structures in front of alternative solutions.

Installation process is optimized as much as possible, without foundation construction, without extra costs and in shortest possible period of time. Assembly takes place directly on the construction site. Due to mountable and dismountable modular structure, it is possible to increase or decrease area of warehouse without stopping assembly process. Warehouse can be quickly dismantled and moved to another location.

Our company offers turnkey solutions for industrial refrigeration systems installation, ventilation and heating of warehouse facilities, including heat-insulation of building envelopes.

According to customer’s needs our specialists will select the necessary level of technological processes automation.

Our advantages:

  • In our solutions we apply state-of-the-art technologies which we implement while performing installation and commissioning.
  • Our company has all the necessary licenses and certificates.
  • Our assembly staff confirm their professional qualifications at least once a year.
  • Our suppliers of compressor and heat exchange equipment are the world’s leading manufacturers.

If you need detailed information on mountable and dismountable warehouses, please send us your request or question by or call us at +7 (812) 346-56-66.

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