Cartonfreezer (boxfreezer)

Технологическое оборудование - картонфризер

Cartonfreezer and boxfreezer

Industrial equipment for automatic freezing of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and fruits in corrugated cardboard boxes or plastic containers called cartonfreezer or boxfreezer. Performance is usually in the range of 2 to 15 tons/hour. The residence time of the product in the chamber 4-12 hours. Most often it is required to lower product temperature from +10 °C to -18 °C.

The main advantage of cartonfreezer is its ability to work in several modes, both in low-temperature and mid-temperature. This equipment works both in cyclic and continuous modes. While work in a cyclic mode allows you to produce a particular number of product and maintain this rate until the moment of shipment. After release from cartonfreezer, the products are ready to dispatch.

Compared to conventional refrigeration cameras, cartonfreezer is fully automated and you get top quality product due to speed of freezing process.

Cartonfreezer equipment usually includes:

  • Special foundation which is mounted on a concrete floor. This is necessary for a reliable support of the structure.
  • Conveyor equipment (shelf construction) for the air flow guiding, conveyor for loading and unloading, frame assembly.
  • Refrigeration equipment which includes heat-insulating chamber with doors, heat exchanger units with powerful fans, cooling unit, condenser, pipes, consumables etc.

Operation principles

Already formed group of boxes with products delivers to a chamber by conveyor and then placed on a palette that performs periodic movement in the rack structure. Quantity of boxes depends on overall dimensions of boxes and capacity of the palette. Loading and unloading of products on palette is carried out by special mobile conveyors.

Movement of holders in rack structure is provides with two synchronized “portals” which are located on two sides of system and represent sophisticated electromechanical devices. Each holder works as an air channel that passes through boxes with a powerful flow of cold air. After a certain amount of time, necessary for freezing, product leaves the chamber by the conveyor. Cartonfreezer is controlled by programmable controller.

Technical capabilities of cartonfreezer

To be able to use cartonfreezer in production in addition to the equipment you need to include supply and discharge conveyors. Total length and cost of these conveyor systems, compared to the cost of cartonfreezer depends on the complexity of product which is freezing. Feed system must be equipped with correctly calculated store area to compensate production peaks.

Refrigeration of cartonfreezers is provided by pumping station with a boiling point lower than or equal to 40 °С. Internal cooling system is designed to provide connection both to central refrigeration system and plug-in refrigeration plant which supplied with cartonfreezer.

Design and engineering of cartonfreezers on NH3 and CO2.

Special technological systems provide stable and continuous work of cartonfreezer without defrosting and interruption of the technological process.

Until recently, the majority of this equipment was produced only outside of Russia. In 2016 TEHNOMIR design and deliver these ammonia-based systems. Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerants are the advantages of TEHNOMIR company.

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