Modular refrigeration unit (MRU)

Block-modular refrigeration plants

Block-modular equipment usually used when there is no need in capital building construction and in case when delivery of non-standard equipment is complicated and fast installation is necessary. In that case plant is manufactured as a standard container which can be simply connected to existing utility networks.

Advantages of block-modular plant:

  • Small design costs (standard blocks and units are used).
  • Small transportation costs (no specialized transport is required).
  • Small costs of installation and assembly works.
  • No need for a large number of maintenance personnel.

Construction of block-modular refrigeration units consists of following stages:

  • Design of the refrigeration unit
  • Delivery to the installation location.
  • Installation and commissioning works.

Before installation its necessary to prepare a construction site: clear of garbage, prepare a base construction, bring communications and engineering networks. Ready-made blocks are installed on hardened basement. If there are several modules, they are connected and bolted together. After that blocks are connected to utility networks and commissioning starts.

Safety of our block-modular equipment is confirmed by special certificates. If you need detailed information on block-modular refrigeration plants, please send us your request or question by or call us at (812) 346-56-66.