IQF freezers

Холодильная камера шоковой заморозки

While being frozen, the product undergoes rapid cooling in a stream of cold air. This process is characterized by intensive convective heat exchange in the air traffic environment of low temperature (-30…-40°C). Special heat-exchangers with fans are used for such processes. The final goal of shock freezing, like any other method of preservation, is to avoid or slow down biochemical reactions that negatively affects the quality of products and make them unfit for human consumption.

Shock freeze can be used for almost any product: meat, poultry, fish and seafood, various meat and fish semi-finished products, fruits and vegetables, berries, mushrooms. It’s also possible to organize the process of ice-cream hardening, fish products freezing, etc.

Types of shock-freezing equipment

Storage freezers

This equipment is usually used when you need to shock-freeze a small amount of products (up to 200kg/hour). Storage freezers increase the shelf life of products and preserves the taste and useful qualities of a product. This equipment is also used when you want to chill or freeze freshly prepared products in a short time.

Freezing chamber with trolleys

While freezing products are placed on trolleys and fed into the freezer. Budget variant for food production of medium capacity (from 200 kg to 1000 kg/hour). This type of shock freezing is manual and energy-intensive. It requires investment in staff and production area. In comparison with automated chambers, it takes more time to freeze products on trolleys. Rapid fluctuations of the air temperature in the freezing chamber is possible while loading and unloading process.

Tunnel blast freezer with horizontal conveyor

Conveyor fast-freezing tunnels are the most versatile type of conveyor equipment, usually used for freezing of fruits and vegetables, flour, meat and fish semi-products, meat dumplings, etc. They are easy to construct, configurable for different modes of freezing, depending on product type.

Multi-tier and spiral conveyor system

Usually used for food production from 400 kg/h. Considered to be the most technologically advanced type of shock-freezing equipment for many products. Multi-tiered conveyors are suitable for bulk products that can’t be affected by mechanical process while being transported from the top tier to the bottom. Spiral conveyors provide careful handling for products. They are versatile and can be used to freeze almost any kind of production.

Fluidization apparatus

This type of equipment is used for small granular products such as peas, berries, chopped mushrooms, vegetables, root crops, etc.). As a result, you get a crisp product that’s perfect for packing. Fluidization apparatus have a wide range of performance modes – from 150 kg/h to 3000 kg/h. Heat transfer in such equipment is more intensive than in other cameras of shock freezing type. A powerful flow of cold air, passing through the holes of the conveyor belt, raises the product pieces, freezes them while keeping in a suspended state.


Conservation of mass and quality of the product

When frozen, the product is cooled so quickly that water contained in the product turns into small ice crystals, evenly distributed in the product. Freezing speed increase results in a moisture migration. Negative effect of crystals is minimal. The faster the freezing process is, the smaller ice crystals in the tissues of the product.

Loss of product’s mass during shock freezing is less than in usual freezing by 5-6%, and the consistency and organoleptic qualities of the product depend on the amount of water contained. The product crystalline structure of ice after thawing occurs a minimum loss of moisture, to a lesser extent will change the consistency and taste of the product.

Frozen products better retain their quality during long storage than those subjected to conventional freezing.

Time saving

Classic way of product freezing using low-temperature chambers requires considerable time. Moreover, due to the longer shelf life of products which were shocked-freezed, it’s possible to organize production and prepare larger amount of finished and semi-finished products in advance.

We provide the whole range of shock-freeze equipment, from quick-freezing machines to automated freezing chambers.

TEHNOMIR company was one of the first in Russia who used energy efficient and environmentally friendly CO2 and NH3 as a coolant in its equipment.

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