Fish glazing machine


Fish glazing machine

Glazing is a process of coating fish or seafood with a thin ice layer that protects the final product from dehydration, oxidation and quality loss. Important fact that glazing prevents mechanical damage of a product, a thin crust of ice doesn’t break up with light tapping.

There are irrigational and submerged ways of glazing. Average glazing temperature of water for irrigational method is -18 °С with fish temperature of 0…+2 °С.

For whole process, special glazing machines are used which ensures applying an ice layer to the product.

Standard glazing equipment

  • mesh belt conveyor
  • water irrigation device over the entire width of the belt
  • load-bearing frame with a drip tray
  • pumping station

A drip tray is equipped with a special basket for receiving flake ice, which is used additionally to reduce temperature of circulating water. You also get a free access to clean all details of machine.

TEHNOMIR company was one of the first in Russia who used energy efficient and environmentally friendly CO2 and NH3 as a coolant in its equipment.

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